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Who can use Delisamokat?

Our service is available to all Russian citizens over 18 years of age, with a permanent registered residence in Russia. All our customers must comply with the terms and conditions of the Delisamokat service and sign the agreement.

Is Delisamokat available to residents of other countries?

Foreign citizens can use our service. To be approved, please sign up and wait for our response.

How do I sign up for Delisamokat?

To use our services, please sign up at delisamokat.ru or on the Delisamokat mobile app (iOS, Android) and wait for your account to be activated. It may take between some minutes to 24 hours to get your documents checked. We'll send you the answer via text message and email.

What documents do I need to attach to sign up for your service electronically?

You must attach the following documents: <br><br> - Passport: double-page spread with photo<br><img style='width:280px;' src='/img/pp_dp.jpeg' /><br> - Passport: double-page spread with residence registration<br><img style='width:280px;' src='/img/pp_sp.jpeg' /><br> - Agreement<br><img style='width:280px;' src='/img/agreem.jpeg' /><br> - A selfie with your passport (picture of your face next to the double-page spread of your passport).<br><img style='width:280px;' src='/img/selfie.jpeg' /><br><br>Please make sure you followed these steps correctly:<br><b>1.</b> The passport number must be clearly visible<br><b>2.</b> There should be no flares or light spots on the pictures<br><b>3.</b> Your passport photo and other data must not be obstructed by your fingers<br><b>4.</b> Use your finger to sign the agreement on the screen of your smartphone.<br>As soon as your application is approved, you'll receive an email with an invitation to sign the Delisamokat Agreement.<br>

Where can I read the Delisamokat Agreement?

The Delisamokat Agreement is available <a href='/user-agreement'>here</a>

Where can I download the Delisamokat mobile app?

You can download the Delisamokat app for Android <a href=''>here</a>, or search Delisamokat on GooglePlay.<br>You can download the Delisamokat app for iOS <a href=''>here</a>, or search for Delisamokat in the AppStore.

Kick Scooter Information

Which kind of kick scooters do you have?

We have special models of electric kick scooters. <br>Weight – 12 kg<br>Recommended weight of user – not more than 100 kg<br>Max speed – 25 km<br>Average riding speed – 20 to 25 km<br>Are the scooters waterproof ? - yes. <br><br>E-scooter has an IP54 degree of protection, which means it is sufficiently protected and can be used both in normal conditions and on wet or dusty streets. Nevertheless, it is forbidden to wash it under running water.

How to use Delisamokat

What shall I do if the scooter is visibly damaged or unclean before the start of my rent?

Please carefully inspect the scooter before renting it. If the scooter is damaged or unclean, you can end your booking and take another scooter. You can also report the damage before signing the agreement contract, by attaching photos and claiming you are not responsible for it.

Shall I have the documents of Delisamokat service with me when I ride?

In accordance to the Russian law, you are not obliged to have Delisamokat service documents with you.

Where can I ride the Delisamokat scooter?

You can use the scooter within city-center. It is forbidden to use our scooters outside of it. Please follow road regulations while riding the scooter.

Where can I park the Delisamokat scooter?

During tariff you can make a temporary parking: <br>- make a permanent parking wherever you want without finishing rent. <br>- unlock locker to continue your trip <br>Please don’t forget: <br>- Close the locker by press button while parking or before continuing the trip <br>- The rent per tariff is continued in process of parking <br>- In case of permanent stop the responsibility for scooter is still on your side

How and where do I end my rental of the scooter?

Book parking slot via App and go to point to end your trip. Max time of booking slot - 10 min. After - booking of parking slot will be cancelled.

How can I pay for Delisamokat services?

All fees are automatically charged on the card linked to your account, in accordance with your pricing plan. You can only use VISA, MASTERCARD and MIR card. Internet payments are processed in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of International Payment Systems; your privacy and security of transactions are ensured by using modern authentication techniques and secure communication channels. For any questions related to payments using cards and any other inquiries related to our services, please call

How I can charge my scooter?

Within the limits of the current tariffs "Minute" and "Hour", Customer does not have opportunity to charge the scooter. Just leave the scooter at the nearest station, when the battery of the scooter is almost empty. Do not discharge the battery completely. Fine for the return of a fully discharged scooter is 5000 RUR.

Can I let someone else ride my Delisamokat scooter?

It is forbidden to let any third parties use the scooter you rented. Surrendering control can also be fined, according to the Delisamokat Agreement. Moreover, you are not allowed to give the scooter to children. The age limit to ride it is +18.

Shall I return the scooter to the same station where I picked it up?

The scooter can be returned to any station indicated on the map.

How can I change my passport or any other information on my profile?

Please report any changes and updates to <a href='mailto:info@delisamokat.ru'>info@delisamokat.ru</a>

Is it necessary to make a deposit to rent the scooter?

You do not need to make a deposit, but if you do not return the scooter within 48 hours, you will be fined 30.000 RUR. <br>Please, always make sure to receive the return confirmation on App.

How can I pay the debt?

Log in on the application or website and select "Pay Due" from the menu.

Can I rent several scooters at once?

You can only rent one scooter at a time. If you want to ride with other people, be sure that everyone has a personal Delisamokat account.

I had an accident, but the scooter is not damaged

If you are injured, call an ambulance immediately dialing 112. If you can't return the scooter to the station in time, please call Delisamokat support service:+7 (495) 009-01-21

I had an accident and the scooter is damaged

If no one is hurt, call Delisamokat support service and tell them about the incident +7 (495) 009-01-21. If someone is injured, call an ambulance immediately dialing 112.

The scooter has been damaged by someone. What can I do?

You are responsible for the safety and conditions of the scooter since the beginning of your rental. If you are in a dangerous situation, call the Delisamokat support service at +7 (495) 009-01-21. If something happens, please report to the police.

The scooter has been stolen

Call the police dialing 112 and Delisamokat support service at : +7 (495) 009-01-21. The police must write a notification.

What shall I do if I find an abandoned scooter?

Please call Delisamokat support service at +7 (495) 009-01-21.

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