How It Works


Switch it on

To switch on your scooter, press and hold the<br>power button for 2 seconds. Once switched on:
- Press the button to turn on/off the flashlight
- Press the button twice to ride in normal mode
- Press the button to ride in power saving mode

Start driving

Place one leg on the running board, and the other on the ground. When the scooter is moving, place both legs on the running board. When the scooter reaches 5 km/h speed, press the accelerate button. To slow down, loose the accelerate button.<br>The energy recovery systems will open automatically to slow down.<br>In case you need to stop urgently, press the left disc brake.<br>To turn left, lean your body slightly on the left.<br>To turn right, lean your body slightly on the right.<br>In both case, turn gently the handlebar to accompany the movement.

Fold and transportation

Switch off the scooter. Hold the front pole, loosen the lock lever and lower the steering rack. Bring the steering rack into a horizontal position and secure it by inserting the hook through the dedicated ring, which is located on the rear wheel mudguard. To assemble the scooter, disconnect the steering rack lock from the hook of the mudguard. Lift it into a vertical position and lock the lever. You can carry your folded scooter with one hand.



It is not recommended to ride the scooter while it’s raining.


To better adjust to rough roads, lower your speed at 5-10 km/h and keep your knees slightly bended.


Do not press the speed button if you’re walking beside the scooter.


Try to avoid obstacles while driving on the road.


Be careful not to hit door or elevator frames!


Be careful not to add speed when descending a slope.


Please avoid hanging backpacks or other heavy objects on the handle bars.


It is forbidden to drive with only one foot one the running board. Both feet should be placed on it.


1. Open the cover.
2. Connect to charger.
3. Close the cover.

General Rules

1. Give way to pedestrians.

2. Ride on bike lanes, not on carriageways.

3. Follow traffic regulations.

4. Ride safely. The scooter is not intended for acrobatic tricks.

5. Do not leave the scooter unattended.

6. Make sure the scooter is clean and in order when you bring it back to the station.

7. In case of loss or failed return after 48 hours from time of start rent, there is a fine of 30.000 RUR.

8. Do not use the scooter in subway stations or on railway platforms.

What is forbidden

• It is forbidden to ride the scooter at a high speed or on roadways for motor vehicles

• It is forbidden to sharply turn in residential areas with a large flow of pedestrians.

• Do not tread the back of the fender.

• Do not touch the disc brake.

• It is forbidden to ride into paddles which are more than 2 cm deep.

• It is forbidden to ride the scooter with more than one rider, or holding a child while driving.

• Always keep your hands on the handle bar while riding.

• Do not jump over obstacles or steps while riding the scooter.

• Do not use the scooter in subway stations or on railway platforms.

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